For the woman who desires a beautiful business and a beautiful life…

Inside of Sensual Entrepreneur you will...

  • Ignite your FemmeTypes™
  • Create Prosperity from the Inside-Out
  • Create your Personal Sensual Entrepreneur Formula
  • The step-by-step plan to receive clients (my personal process)
  • A specific process to release old identifications that are no longer serving you and are holding you back in your business.
  • And so much more.

This is the COMPLETE program to integrate your FemmeTypes™ into your business.

So what is a
Sensual Entrepreneur?

A woman who allows herself to utilize her business as a source of personal evolution and growth, as a means to express the fullness of who she is and be of service to others. An SE lives her life engaged and awake in gratitude for the opportunity to share her gifts with the world while growing more and more into her version of a beautiful life.


Here’s just a sampling of the
illuminating transformations
you can expect as you unlock
your potential as a Sensual

or recalibrate your existing business, including…

Creating the
Sensual Foundation

How igniting your FemmeTypes can give you a magical advantage in your business. Once you embrace this, your business will bloom into a garden of earthly delights for you!

What being a Sensual Entrepreneur REALLY means and how it will immediately make your inner light shine through. HINT: This isn’t just about being feminine…it’s about the power of standing in your truth!

How to consistently tap into your “inner knowing”, so you always stay authentically on track in your business. This is like having an incredibly accurate inner guidance system at your fingertips 24/7. You’ll LOVE this!

The Power of a Sensual Circle
for your Business

How to create a Sensual Circle of power around your business and consistently achieve your goals.This one thing alone can instantly open the door to accessing your deepest desires for your business. THIS is how you align your true SELF with your business!

Three surprisingly common physical clues that your Sensual Circle has been compromised and exactly what to do to about it. Your feminine intuition and insight will always show you the way—THIS is how you will learn to trust it every single time.

The number one way to easily establish your Sensual Circle boundaries in your business and why it is essential. WARNING: You may actually feel some resistance to creating boundaries in your business, but that would be a big mistake! Remember, you cannot serve others in your business until you claim your power and take care of yourself FIRST

Cultivating Prosperity
From The Inside Out

How to free yourself to ALLOW prosperity into your business. HINT: Women have an entirely different way of derailing prosperity that is invisible, invasive, and insistent. You MUST understand this if you want a thriving business!

Why your feminine power is key to reliably experiencing lasting prosperity. You’ll be calling on your New Yorker for this one—but she still needs your Indie and Frenchie to be in the game too. BALANCE in your business is essential!

The easy “Note to Riches” technique that can increase your income surprisingly quickly. This fabulous strategy is fun, fast, and FEARLESS. (Be sure you keep your “Note” promise to yourself if you desire the money to keep rolling in!) mod4

The Magic of Receiving

The FIRST thing you MUST do to be present to the very core of your business. NOTE: If you truly desire to be successful in your business, it ALL begins here—and even better, it will improve ALL areas of your life!

How to consistently grow your business organically, authentically, and in total alignment with your unique gifts. This is where your entrepreneurship takes flight and soars!

The most effective ways to increase your capacity to RECEIVE so you can fully embrace abundance in every facet of your life. You’ll be astounded how this impacts EVERYTHING in the best possible way!

the Lasting Rewards
of Pleasure

Ooh-la-la, pleasure as an essential ingredient to your business success? Mais Oui! Experiencing deep and lasting pleasure is essential to your business prospering. How fun is that? Very!

The big “OH” secret to expanding your capacity for pleasure. You’ll just have to be there for THIS one. Or two. Or six. Remember, we are all sisters in our Divine Femme Power—and we hold nothing back—and YES this really IS important to owning your feminine capacity for experiencing pleasure in your business.

How to discern the difference between true blissful pleasure and “Fear masquerading as pleasure” in your business. HINT: Have you ever told yourself you are happy with what you are doing—when actually it’s just a way for you to “hide out” from receiving what you REALLY want? (Yes, we ALL have…until you do THIS!)

Your Personal Sensual Entrepreneur Formula

How to create “Sensuality on Demand” in your business. Remember, this is all about saying YES to everything you want as an entrepreneur, on YOUR terms—and it’s all at your lovely fingertips when you do THIS.

The true definition of becoming a Sensual Entrepreneur. HINT: When you leverage the BALANCED power of your Femme Types, amazing things will happen in your business!

How to fine-tune your Sensual Entrepreneur “recipe for success” perfectly for YOU! And that my dear one is what this is all about–gorgeous, unique, and powerful YOU!

Yes, tara! reserve my seat now!

Make more money in your business by becoming the Sensual Entrepreneur you are MEANT to be.

Only 4 payments of $297

Save $191 by paying in full. Click here.

you’ll get everything you need to
build a powerful foundation for
your new business
or recalibrate your existing business, including…

Over nine weeks, I will personally deliver your Sensual Entrepreneur training
through a sequence of SIX modules, including downloads, plus THREE weeks reserved for

You’ll receive:

$3, 000.00

Over nine weeks, I will personally deliver your Sensual Entrepreneur training through a sequence of SIX modules, including downloads, plus THREE weeks reserved for implementation.

$3, 000.00

Receive access to SIX recorded Q&A calls with me during Sensual Entrepreneur. Learn from questions other Entrepreneurs have asked as they integrate their FemmeTypes™ into their business.


Over eight consecutive weeks, I will personally deliver your Sensual Entrepreneur training through a sequence of SIX modules, including downloads, plus TWO weeks reserved for implementation.


This is an awesome format to go through in just a few minutes every Monday morning. You can do this by yourself, with an accountability partner, or even your team, whatever is appropriate for you.

Using your Monday Morning Magic success template, you’ll assess what’s working, what isn’t, what needs to improve, and what needs to be left behind.

You’ll experience an instant upsurge in energy and commitment to your business as you slenderize your weekly goals into simple, manageable steps.


An undeniably important catalyst for your forward momentum is accountability.

So each day, you’ll receive a gentle “nudge” via email that will quickly and easily allow you to evolve through your day with clarity, focus, and intention.

This is definitely a case where small steps equals BIG results—as you take just a few short moments with your “nudge”—and see the tremendous benefits that GROW into phenomenal success for you.


There simply isn’t anything more powerful than the loving support of like-minded conscious women supporting your journey.

The dynamic energy of both a shared vision for lifestyle and a shared vision for the world you want to create, grows organically out of your community.

And ALL of this deliciousness is fully supported by the specific training, guidance, and mentoring you will receive in your Sensual Entrepreneur training.

Total value of the Sensual
Entrepreneur Program – $7,700

A new breed of entrepreneurs…join them

Because I know how important ALL of this is to your brilliant evolution, I’m gifting you with these special bonuses
In addition to the core program, you will receive 2 additional programs
There is only one way to transform a prospect into
a client or customer when you are creating your business from the power of your opinion integrated FemmeTypes...and that's elegantly!

And that's exactly what you'll do when you implement the strategies in your Boutique Coaching Business training.

Value   $1000

Your Boutique Coaching Business is literally from my lips to your ears.

In a sequence of video trainings and Tele-calls, I will reveal my entire process for receiving clients including...

Exactly how to structure your complimentary coaching sessions to turn them into abundant cash flow...

A comprehensive plan for what to do with your new clients to keep them happily progressing...

Specific done-for-you templates and checklists to easily keep you on track...

In other words, everything you need to move forward with your business elegantly, authentically, and in complete integrity.

And that means no hard sell. No arm-twisting. No tricks or slick manipulations. Ever.

If you want to interact with your prospects from a place of value, integrity, and truth, you’ll love the UN-selling of this heart-based method for turning prospects into happy clients.

Even better, you’ll most likely find it completely natural to implement all of these strategies in a way that is almost second nature for you as a woman.

No matter what your particular product, service, or niche may be, the stunning value of this could definitely be the “easy button” for you as a Sensual Entrepreneur.

Value   $497
Never before released, you will receive video modules straight from our 2014 Sensual Entrepreneur Live event in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1.The Sensual Entrepreneur Success Story
- A guide that will assist you in creating your personal success story

2. Never before released footage of the 2-day event

3. Advanced training for Entrepreneurs on money, investing, and what you are REALLY worth

4. The SISI process for making clear decisions

5. A journey through the FemmeTypes in 3 key areas that we grow in as Entrepreneurs
- Identification
- Value
- Growth

6. Specific process to release old identifications that are no longer serving you and are holding you back in your business.

You will create your new Entrepreneurial story, based on YOUR unique FemmeTypes that will allow you to grow to new heights as an entrepreneur

And one more special bonus....
sensual survey

You will receive a gorgeous Sensual Survey. It will provide you with current analysis of where you are with your business. And how you can uniquely embody YOUR unique expression in the world through your business.

In addition, you will receive a one hour and 25-minute recording as I walk you through how to complete your personal Sensual Survey so that you can clearly see where you are with your business as well as where you are desiring to grow and evolve.

The TOTAL value you will receive: $9,397

Yes, tara! reserve my seat now!

Make more money in your business by becoming the Sensual Entrepreneur you are MEANT to be.

Only 4 payments of $297

Save $191 by paying in full. Click here.

The TOTAL value you will receive: $9,397

Yes, tara! reserve my seat now!

Make more money in your business by becoming the Sensual Entrepreneur you are MEANT to be.

Only 4 payments of $297

Save $191 by paying in full. Click here.

I’ve done everything I can to make your transformation simple and achievable for you, including an extremely affordable investment and multiple payment options.

I want to remove every possible barrier to you giving yourself the time and ability to do this without guilt or remorse.
However, I understand you may still have some uncertainty about whether or not Sensual Entrepreneur is right for you. ..

BUT the biggest risk we take is not making the shifts we know we require in our lives. Let’s work together to make TODAY the day you commit to YOUR beautiful life.

I am 100% confident that Sensual Entrepreneur will assist you in creating YOUR beautiful business & life. So confident that you can go through the entire program and if you feel that it has not dramatically improved your life, we will give you a 100% refund.

All I ask is that is that you go through the entire program - all 6 modules and complete the templates. Just submit your completed templates within 60 days of purchasing the program to and we will process your refund within 3 - 5 business days.

I generated over $12,000 of business in just 3 days

"Since I started working with Tara, amazing shifts have happened in my relationships and in my business. I have quickly made the shifts necessary to develop joy in all areas. Last week, after a much needed vacation, I came and generated over $12,000 of business in just 4 days. Tara has given me the tools to step into my big vision!"


The bottom line is about so much more than just the money, though that is certainly one of the sweet rewards of being a Sensual Entrepreneur.

This is about finally stepping into YOUR light and saying…


It’s about having the courage to ACCEPT and HEAR the Divine whispers of your soul that are urging you on.

It’s about meeting your deep essential needs and desires so you can freely move into expressing your personal greatness YOUR way.

It’s about creating a thriving business completely aligned with your truth, your integrity, and your authenticity shining through.

It’s about the freedom and flexibility to make a lasting change in the world without having to sell your soul, sacrifice your heart, or turn your back on your family.

It’s about YOUR PERFECT SPIRIT finally awakening to your unique brilliance, expertise, and genius, in a way that shifts the combined consciousness of the planet.

It’s about creating such an incredible paradigm shift in the global perception of what constitutes a value based business, that there’s no going back to the “old” way of doing things.

It’s about creating momentum that grows exponentially into the most dazzling, inspiring, and DIVINELY GUIDED life on earth any of us have ever seen, felt, or experienced.

And The Missing Is Bigger Than All Of Us

Put Together

I feel confident that if you are truly awakening even a little bit to the calling you are experiencing right now, you are in exactly the right place at the right time.

YOU Are Being Urged To “Show Up” In The World

When you do, you will have a deep knowing of exactly how to bring your beauty and truth into the world.

You will laugh when you recall how once you hid out or played small, instead of letting your Light shine.

You will receive and be able to implement a systematized plan for finally sharing your gifts with those that need them most.

You will feel a spectacular increase in your self-confidence, joy, and sense of purpose—as you finally grow into a business that supports who you REALLY are.

You will LOVE your business, LOVE receiving more money, and LOVE standing in your truth without apology, guilt, or fear, maybe for the first time in your life.

And in the final analysis, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

P.S. Whether you are already familiar with your FemmeTypes or are just opening to this concept, there is only one question for you to answer…

Do you desire to be successful in a business of your own?

If the answer to that is YES, then the Sensual Entrepreneur training is for YOU! I’ll be here to guide you through accessing, leveraging, and fine-tuning the balance of your FemmeTypes so you can embrace every rich blessing of being a Sensual Entrepreneur.

I am SO thankful for you, and cannot wait to work with you!

Yes, tara! reserve my seat now!

Make more money in your business by becoming the Sensual Entrepreneur you are MEANT to be.

Only 4 payments of $297

Save $191 by paying in full. Click here.


I am Just in awe of your energy and ability to dig deep. I feel more relaxed and connected and signed a client at my highest price yet.
I also wanted you to know that the week I signed up for your program I had two production companies approach me about doing a TV show. I have been talking with one of them for a few weeks now and I have a great feeling about it. I know that never would have happened if I didn't say YES to playing a bigger, more sensual game.
Thank you for everything. I am so looking forward to the next 8 weeks.
Sarah Jenks


A renewed energy has begun to flow in my body and my life, it feels good to receive the simple gifts of supporting myself on all levels, and my business is soaring. I am launching a new collection of sensual bedding and a beautiful new e-commerce site to sell it on
Cindy Ciskowski


Something amazing just happened! I sold my first coat! It's similar to the black velour one I brought on Tuesday, but in lavender... She was blown away when she put it on. She said that wearing it is a profound healing experience — that it's making her step into a new level of femininity, self-expression, and confidence. It's really happening! My living vision is coming true! I am feeling very grateful... This work we are doing is VERY powerful!!!
Annie Kim